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                                                              HISTORICAL NOVELS




Duchess in Danger Series Book 1 



      "Dangerous Entrapment"




Shortlisted for Historical Romantic Novel of the Year 2016

by the

Romantic Novelists Association


 "I do know what I am saying. I want rid of this stupid virginity before it causes me more problems".


 Lady Isobella Rothbury believes herself to be on the shelf at 21 having suffered the humiliation of being cast

 aside in her coming out season. Now needing to help her cousin she seeks assistance from the Duke of Carlisle.


 Richard Duke of Carlisle was intending to take a new mistress but is intrigued by Isobella’s approach and finds

 himself developing a growing interest in her. How he moved from considering a mistress to contemplating

 matrimony comes as some surprise.


 Harry Duke of Exmouth was duped into marriage and plots to capture the virgin he let go. He will bed and breed

 from the un-named lady he boasts to his friends.


 Overhearing the plan Richard realises that the lady is question is Isobella and he has no intention of allowing the

 lady he desires to end up as mistress to a scoundrel.


 If he saves Isobella will he discover the passion she can bring to his bed? And will Isobella find out that to prevent

 the man you love from seeking a mistress, you should take on that role yourself?






Duchess in Danger Series Book 2



"Dangerous Deception"







 Lady Caroline (Callie) Sutton has known Nathan, heir to the Dukedom of Craven all of her life.  His family’s estate   borders that of her family and he is best friend to her brother, James.  Her childhood has been idyllic brought up

 away from the restrictions and trials of society.


 As she grows from child to maiden, the feelings between herself and Nathan change. A touch, a smile and a kiss,   promise future happiness. When he leaves to tour the Americas with James, there is an unspoken agreement   between them. But events destroy her idyllic life, snatch her away from that she had expected, and push her into a   life she does not want. Unable to fight the forces now controlling her she vows to seek one last moment of the life   she was destined to have, before bowing to the life she must now live.


 But into that life she takes a secret so dire that if it were discovered her very life could be at risk.


 Will she be able to maintain her deception?  Will she be able to re-capture the happiness she once knew, or is

 she doomed to the fate that was thrust upon her…?




Duchess in Danger series – Book 3


   "Dangerous Desire"


(recipient of the Jane Austen complimentary award)


 A chance encounter when she was lost on the moors brought Hannah into the world of Nicholas, Duke of Trenton.   Although she is still a child he is struck by her beauty, but before he is able to discover more she flees his home,   leaving him with a sense of loss and a feeling that his life has been touched by something he has yet to understand.


 Some two years later, he comes upon his late night visitor at a society ball. She is no longer a child but a beautiful   young maiden in her first season. He is not intending to lose her a second time. But first he needed to be rid of his   current mistress, Lady Catherine Stanton. The liaison had long run its course, but he had continued the relationship   more from habit than anything else. But Catherine is not one to be easily swept aside.


 Will marriage bring the happiness he desires, or will the scheming of his mistress tear the couple apart. And can   Hannah forgive Nicholas for bringing back into her life the governess who had mistreated her so badly in her youth?

                                                                                               "Duchess Thro Time."


        A time travel novel   

Kate Thornton loves Halford Park, the country estate of her best friend’s grandparents, the Duke and Duchess of Halford. A party celebrating (Charlotte’s) Charlie’s birthday, finds them both dressed in gowns from the Nineteenth century. As the party progresses Kate discovers she’s been betrayed by her two best friends. A confrontation and heated words send Kate fleeing to the top floor of the house and into an area she’s not seen before.


Following the sound of music she finds herself among people dressed the same as her. Believing this to be Charlie’s idea of a joke she slips out into the garden. As she tries to obtain a service for her phone she is approached by Marcus Welford who escorts her back into the house. When there is a threat of danger he offers her protection.


Discovering that Marcus Welford is the Sixth Duke of Halford, and Charlie’s several times removed grandfather is a shock. Unable to understand how she has travelled back to 1811 Kate is grateful to Marcus for keeping her safe, especially when she is accused of being a French spy. As they become close danger forces Marcus to extend his protection to marriage. A marriage of convenience that soon turns to more.


Can this marriage work or must Marcus send her back to her own time


And if he sends her back can either of them live without the other?

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