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Welcome to  Wild Moose Publications a site dedicated to the publication of books by 

 award nominated author, Lesley Field.

The next new novel due for release on 24th May 2022 is a contemporary novel set

in Canada.

                                                  "Lara's Daughter."

One night that turned into something it shouldn't, resulted in an unwanted pregnancy.

For Lara the decision was hard to make. She couldn't abort this child, but to keep it

wasn't possible. Or was it? A scare part way through the pregnancy suddenly made

the child real. When her daughter's tiny fingers clutched her own any thought of

adoption was gone.








She never wanted anything to do with her daughter's father, but discovering he was

dead she made the decision to find out about his family. She needed to know if there

was someone who would take care of her daughter if anything happened to her. The

only way to do this was by deception, something she wasn't comfortable with. But

if the family were not suitable, then she could walk away without them ever knowing.


What she didn't expect was to be welcomed into the family, nor to fall in love with

her daughter's uncle. But what would happed if the truth was uncovered?

What if they discovered the secret she had kept hidden?

If they found out who her daughter really was?


 If you wish to know more about Lesley Field please check out her main


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